1 October 2015


This month's word is colonialism.

Colonialism(noun): The systematic practice of occupying a territory, extracting it's resources, exploiting it's labor and dominating it's people. It is also the psychological destruction of the people, the erasing of their history, the extermination of their language, the eradication of their culture, the abolition of their religion, and the internalization of their inferiority. Colonialism is a racist, patriarchal, and gendered system.

Colonialism always begins with violence. Violence is required to sustain colonialism. Because of this, the murder, rape, torture, and genocide of the colonized is made into law. Colonialism justifies its self by claiming that it brings progress, modernization, and civilization to the colonized.

We have known it only to bring death, disease, and hunger.

Colonialism used in a sentence:

Until Western colonialism comes to an immediate end, the colonized people of the world will continue to pick up their arms in pursuit of freedom.

Decolonizing Culture

October 2015

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